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5 Minute Makeup

Natural Mineral Beauty
in 5 Minutes

Start with a clean face allowing moisturizer time to absorb into your skin. Accent the positive by following these guidelines:

1. CONCEALER-Eyes: Using one shade lighter than your foundation, brush or use your finger to apply lightly to discolorations in eye area including inner corner and crease under eye. Use a light touch!

2. CONCEALER-Face: Using a shade that matches your skin tone, apply powder directly on the spot you want to disappear, blending out edges.

3. FOUNDATION: Using a powder that matches your skin tone, apply in center of face, blending out to hairline & under jaw. Dont forget eyelids & ears!

4. BRONZER: Brush onto cheeks, nose, chin and forehead for a sun kissed glow. Sweep under cheeks to add definition and warmth to face.

5. BLUSH: Brush this brightening color right onto the apple of your cheeks and sweep up to hairline.

6. GLOW: Brush this shimmering highlighter onto the top of your cheeks, inside corner of eye and under brow.

7. FINISHING VEIL: Apply a sheer coat of finishing veil with a brush over entire face to set makeup and place a veil of light refracting powder to give a flawless appearance to your face.

8. EYESHADOW: With a brush or fingertip, apply a medium color onto center eyelid blending up to crease & out to inner & outer corners. Use a darker color in crease or outer corner for definition if desired.

9. EYELINER: Brush on dry or wet following the curvature of your eye to top and bottom lash line.

10. LIP COLOR: Gently line with a liner that matches your lips, then apply a sheer shimmering lip gloss.


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